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DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) is a standardized, individually administered test of accuracy and fluency with connected text. The ORF passages and procedures are based on the program of research and development of Curriculum-Based Measurement of Reading by Stan Deno and colleagues at the University of Minnesota and using the procedures ... Record the passage below on an audio cassette, reading with fl uency and expression, and play it for the child, or simply read the passage aloud. Backpack Bear and Zac are good friends. They like to have picnics in the park when it is warm and sunny. They eat peanut butter and honey sand wiches and apples. Picnics in the park

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( Review the Fall DIBELS, previous spring MAP data, previous spring MCA II data, previous spring TEAE (ELL) data. ( Identify the percentage of students who are falling in each tier based on the assessment data, and record this . information RF.1.4a. Read on-level text with purpose and understanding. RI.1.1. Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. RI.1.4. Ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases in a text. 5 . Fluency Practice – Unit 1 (Back To School . L.1-5) Julie Ramirez, Aug. 2010 . I Can See I can see the .. I can the on the . I can see the on the . Record all dates you met with child. Monitor progress based on student’s need. I would progress monitor a student who is red in DIBELS 1/week and a yellow student 1/every other week. After 4-6 weeks of interventions have been performed, look at all progress monitoring data to determine what steps are needed next. Oral reading fluency describes the ease with which a person can read a passage of text aloud. This is a particularly important benchmark for children who are developing their reading skills, or for ... Letter Name and . Letter Sound . Fluency Charts ©2010 The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston/ Texas Education Agency/ The University of Texas System Apr 13, 2012 · I've been using DIBELS for 7 years now and I really like it. DIBELS Next is a big improvement in the FSF...the previous ISF (Initial Sound Fluency) involved pictures (poor quality pictures to boot) and it was as much a vocabulary test as a test of the ability to recognize initial sounds. Letter naming used to have a benchmark (35 by the EOY).

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Benchmark 3.3 DIBELS® Oral Reading Fluency – Passage 3 My Parents I’m Mexican-American because my parents were both born in Mexico and I was born in America. My parents came to work New Mexico Reading First Evaluation. Year 3, Fourth Quarter Report. January 16, 2007. Prepared by EDC’s Center for Children and Technology. Naomi Hupert, Dr. Wendy Martin. Cricket Heinze, Helga Perez, Lauren Bates, Simon Shulman. Executive Summary. This report reflects evaluation activities that took place between October 1, 2006 and January ...

The Progress Monitoring Tools Chart is designed to assist educators and families in becoming informed consumers who can select progress monitoring tools that best meet their individual needs. The Center's Technical Review Committee (TRC) on Progress Monitoring independently established a set of criteria for evaluating the scientific rigor of ... Use your DIBELS Next data to drive decisions. Imagine instantly using assessment data to make critical decisions about everything from instruction to professional development, no guesswork required. Grant County Schools. 820 Arnie Risen Blvd. | Williamstown, KY 41097. P: 859-824-3323 F: 859-824-3508 | Map Our Location Changing Classroom Practice Formative Assessment of Academic & Behavioral Progress: Selected Tools ... with numbers listed sequentially from 0-100 to record those ...

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I test them weekly using DIBELS and they record it on a goal sheet to track their progress. This works great in motivating them to reach their goals. Frequent formative assessment is a key ingredient in moving everyone in the class forward. Can I do Portfolios Without all the Fuss? Oh, what fun would that be! Actually, the answer is a qualified "yes." Portfolios do typically require considerable work, particularly if conferencing is involved. But with most anything, including assessment, I recommend that you start small.